There’s a method to our madness.

  • Research & Strategy

    Before any creative designing takes place, we work to get to know you and your goals. We research your business and your competitors. We develop a plan of action.

  • Design with Purpose

    We’re strategic with the way we design. We create from a foundation of marketing expertise, unique selling points, user experience and information architecture.

  • Review & Analysis

    After our process is complete, we monitor the progress. We offer several on going plans for SEO, social media, marketing campaigns, and more.

We’re a small studio with big design. We get to know our clients. What makes your company tick? How do you want to be perceived in the marketplace? We then use our skills and expertise to get you there.

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Points North Design Studio (formerly JWatson Creative), is the brainchild of traveling entrepreneur, writer and speaker Jess Watson. We run our business differently, with a strong focus on getting to know our clients so we can partner in their success.

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Oh snap, we’re noteworthy

There are design firms, and then there is Points North. It's where you go when you know who you are and what your message is really about. Visionary, collaborative, distinctive... this is where you go when what you're doing matters.

- JOSEPH LOGAN, Leadership Coach