Netos Por Uma Noite

Category: Design by Travel

In March of 2019 I met with Angelo and Susana, the co-managers of A Avó Veio Trabalhar, an organization that creates a space for older Portuguese women to work on meaningful projects, stay active, and be involved in the community. Their goal is to fill the gap between generations by offering everyone a place where they can meet, discuss and learn from each other. They have outgrown their current space.

Together, with them and a couple remote working friends also residing in Lisbon, we hatched a plan to host a supper club style dinner where expats could get a traditional dinner cooked by Portuguese grannies. The money raised from the dinner would go towards outfitting the new space so that ultimately, the organization can continue to thrive and support more grannies.

I was nervous about taking on an event in Lisbon, to committing to selling 35 tickets in a city I had just arrived to. But, it felt like home and something that could be accomplished. It felt like something I could easily pull off in Baltimore, so why not Lisbon? But, with my friends, we did it.

We came up with a menu. We reached out to remote-working and expat groups, we connect with coworking spaces, Angelo translated the details of the event into perfect Portuguese. We sold out.

The night itself, to see the dinner all come together, to watch the Portuguese grannies engage with the next generation, to see them pour wine and serve food and serve more food and dance and smile and laugh and hug. This made me feel so incredibly happy. The community I’ve found here in Lisbon, the ease of diving in and connecting, reminds me so much of what I have in Baltimore.

So yes, this month, Points North Studio had a hand in pulling off a successful give back project in Lisbon, Portugal.